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Dr. Matthew Siegler is a research scientist at the Planetary Science Institute and research faculty at Southern Methodist University in Dallas, TX. He focuses on thermal processes, data analysis, and modeling for NASA planetary missions. He is currently a Co-I on the LRO, InSight, OSIRIS-REx, Mars 2020, and upcoming Viper and lunar CLPS missions. He focuses on subsurface volatile stability, geothermal heat flow, regolith thermal properties, and instrument design. He is also proud father to future astronauts Jack and June (see Fig. 1)



Solar System Volatiles
Solar System Volatiles


Planetary Scientist and Awesome Dad

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Sharing the Science Bug

I grew up in the metropolis of Wayne, Illinois, where a love of brio train magnets led to a career in planetary geophysics. As a high schooler, I got the science bug from Carl Sagan videos (actually VHS tapes from the library!) and a summer class at Fermilab, where I went on to intern during college. I was an undergrad at Cornell, where I double majored in Physics and Film, turning an interest in science documentaries into a full time job. There I also began working on the Mars Exploration Rovers.

    After College I worked at CERN/University of Zurich for a year, then headed back to Mars as a lab researcher at Caltech. From there I transitioned to UCLA where I PhD'ed about lunar volatiles, IR remote sensing and thermophysical lab work and modeling. I entertained the department with my student films. 

   I then went to JPL, where I postdoced, then became a Staff Scientist and a real life geophysicist working on the Moon and Mars. I also used my film degree to work on the revamped Cosmos Series as a script advisor and as a series producer/director for the PhDetours online series for PhDTV (Part of PHD Comics). 

    With the advent of children, I moved to Dallas with my growing family and switched over to the Planetary Science Institute and Southern Methodist University. We've been doing awesomely well here, and I now am involved in several planetary missions (LRO, InSight, OSIRIS-REx, VIPER...), PI of a new microwave instrument, I've taught an intro planetary class at SMU and UTD, have several graduate students and a postdoc, two great kids, a greater wife, and a new treehouse.  



Articles and Books

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Lectures & Workshops


Fall 2016, 2017, 2019- Southern Methodist University

Spring 2017 - University of Texas at Dallas

Introduction to Planetary Science
An overview of cosmology, the creation of the planets, and planetary exploration
Enrollment ~80


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